Information regarding returns

Check your order as soon as you receive it to make sure everything is right. You can try on the product to see whether it fits you but don't remove any tags or let it pick up odors or stains, as we will be unable to accept the return.

  1. Deadline:
    you must notify us within 15 working days starting the day after you receive your order.
  2. Defects:
    if the product is different than the chosen one or has a defect, Naibra Shop will cover the shipping of expenses and will send a new one.
  3. Returns:
    if you don't like the product and would like to return it, you must pay the shipping, we recommend to do a certificate shipping. In this case Naibra Shop can not be held responsible for delays or other problems with shipping
  4. Change of product:
    if you are not satisfied with the product and would like to replace it with another one, you must make a new order and specify in the comments that you a returning a product. Once the order is made, we will contact you.
  5. Naibra Shop
    will not accept any returns that have not been previously notified by the customer and subsequently accepted by us.